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When it comes to slots, the type you play, whether classics or the newest video releases, you can be confident in one thing, learning how to play takes little effort. This type of game was designed to be easy to understand and you really only need to know where the spin button is located and you are off and running. It lets you sit back and relax as you watch the reels spin and the symbols fall into position. While this is true with the earlier versions, the newest games are somewhat more intense as times have changed, and therefore so too have slots.

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Different Variety of Games

Most new slots fall into the video slot category and include intense graphics. The images that are displayed not only are detailed and exciting, but the special effects truly make for an entertaining and exciting experience. This is especially true when looking closely at those found online as these offer an interactive experience that those located on the floors of land based casinos do not.

The rules have not changed but the variety of payouts have. You not only find increased paylines but features that give today’s slots nonstop action. The main noticeable differences will be with the style and look and who the developed the game as each has their own unique style of creativity. There are some major players in this area: Microgaming, Playtech and Net Entertainment are top three and combined offer over 1,000 games!

What to Consider Before You Play

One thing to consider is those that have the higher payouts for winning combinations. It is important to understand that you will see a variety of characteristics and these can profoundly affect the size of your wins. To gain a real grasp of this you need to look at the paytables and betting limits. There are those that offer a smaller number of coin sizes and betting limits but more wins. These tend to be geared towards low rollers (those with small budgets) and your odds of hitting anything big is much more reduced. There are others that have higher limits with higher payouts but payout less often but when they do, tend to award larger wins overall. Mid rolling slots are those that those that meet in the middle of the two and often are more preferred over the others. The reality is you have to determine what your budget is in order to decide which style of slot is suited to you.

There are some key areas to pay attention to, starting with the number of coins and size of those coins. This is an area that many get caught up on and often begin wagering more coins than initially they wanted. Make sure to select the number of coins per line and choose the size of coin before you begin spinning. Also take time to review the paytables as this is where you will understand what certain symbols pay when in a winning combination and it is where you will learn about any of the bonus games or features such as wilds. Most will pay left to right but some will include payouts right to left and all slots will only pay the highest winning combination per line.

Game features are big and almost every respectable slot will include them. The most common are wild and scatter symbols but now you find different variations of those like scatters that trigger free spins, expanding, roaming and random wilds., Bonus games are another attractive feature for many games as they often have excellent potential and become a game separate to the slot itself with incredibly rich graphics and creativity.

Manage Your Money

Before you start however you should think about how best to manage your money as it allows for prolonged sessions and future play with those winnings. By managing your bankroll properly, you will have more fun and have control over your losses and winnings. It allows you to maximise the entertainment value when gambling and this is just as important as winning.

Determine the amount you are willing to risk before you deposit. Consider opening a separate bank account that you use solely for your gaming budget. This avoids the temptation of overspending and the potential of not being able to cover your other financial responsibilities. As you are playing, when you experience a large win, then withdraw some of that in order to put towards another day. If you continue to play with this for an extended period of time, the odds are greater that you will lose it. We all like to win, so enjoy those moments and put some aside as a reward.



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