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Roulette has fast become one of the more popular of games at a casino. This is true not only for a typical gaming establishment but also with those who operate online. It offers a fast paced game that is easy to understand on the outside and more complex on the inside.

Different Versions

There are two versions of roulette that you will come across. This includes European and American roulette with only one difference being noticeable between the two, that being a double zero. Each variation will have 36 numbers and allow for a number of betting variations that players can make. This includes a Straight up bet, Spilt bet, Line bets and Corner bet.

Betting Types

Here is an explanation of the type of bets you can place on the roulette board.

Straight up bet

A bet on a single number is referred as a Straight up bet and will pay 35-1.

Split bet

This bet allows for the wagering on any two adjoining numbers and this has a 17-1 payout.

Line bet

A line bet will be placed on a line of numbers that are vertical. This pays 11-1 should the roulette ball stop on any number in that row.

Corner bet

This require you to place a wager on any four numbers that are joined together. This wager has an 8-1 payout and is won if the ball stops on either of the four numbers.

Another type of wager that can be placed in roulette is referred to as an “outside bet” These are bets that are not placed on number but placed on an outcome such as red or black or a particular column. If you place a wager on Red or black, you will win if the ball lands on a number that is identified as “red” and the same applies to numbers identified as “white”. This will pay 2-1, much less than inside bets as they odds of winning are substantially increased. Colum bets are placed on particular columns of numbers and should any of those numbers have a positive outcome from the roll, they will pay 2-1 as well.


If you are just beginning to play roulette, there are some basics you should know. First and foremost, the objective in roulette is to choose the number which you think the ball will stop on after being spun on the roulette wheel. You may also choose any of the side bets as mentioned above but the goal remains the same: place a bet that will result in a win.

It is also important to understand that in European roulette that the odds of winning are increased due to it having one less number. American roulette on the other hand has less favorable odds as it adds a double zero. Each variation of the game will share the same table layout, groups of numbers arranged in columns that consist of 12 numbers. The zero and double zeroes are always located at the top of the board. All other side bets, beside column bets, are located to the left side of the board.

When playing roulette you will find that there is a minimum and maximum wager that can be placed. That maximum wager is the total amount you may wager on any given spin, not the amount you can wager on any given number etc. The lowest will be $1.00 whereas the highest is generally $500, when looking at roulette online.


There are a few tips that will help improve your game results. The main one is not to place all your chips on one number. By making multiple bets, you actually increase your odds and will be able to manage your bankroll in such a way as to allow for continued play until you hit a single number win.


Jackpot roulette is a common version that is seen online. This is similar to other table games that offer a progressive jackpot and will require that you place a side bet to be eligible. To win progressive roulette, the general rules will require that the same number hit 5 times in a row. You will find other versions but generally, this is the way most jackpots are won.

Roulette is a fun and exciting game played by millions. It is a social interactive style game that can become incredibly profitable for those who learn the finer finesse of playing it. Remember to start off slow and manage your money correctly, it will greatly impact your level of success as a long term roulette player.



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