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Max Damage


Overall impression

Graphics - 90%
Gameplay - 91%
Bonuses - 91%
Value - 92%

Not really a slot, but extremely fun non the less!

Game Information
Name: Max Damage
Software: Microgaming
Game Type: Video slot
Paylines: No reels!
Progressive: No
reels: No wheels!
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
Shooting game!
Get paid pr. level you finish
Very entertaining!
Defend the earth from alien attacks
Win up to 110.000 coins by defeating the bosses!

Where to play?

$1000 Bonus
100 RealSpins
Play now

This slot is from Microgaming and is unlike any of the other games that are available today. The opening screen is very much that of an arcade game and it made me think of star galaxy. This slot is similar to an arcade game from the 80’s or 90’s as there is no reels, no paylines and you do not spin as you would traditionally.

It is safe to say there is nothing that you will have played in the past at a casino that is similar to Max Damage and the Alien Attack (full title), and that is what is its appeal.

Arcade style game

Max Damage is a arcade style shooting game and you are in control of your own spaceship. When the game starts, you receive 6 lives and will  need to use them wisely in order to survive longer and ultimately win more. The game offers opportunities to increase your life span and there are 9 levels that you will need to get through. To do so  you need to shoot the aliens and survive on the lives you received at the beginning  of the game. There are also  will also warning sounds to  alert you when one of the space ships are close by. This helps you protect the lives you have and therefore survive longer.

At the end of each level, you will receive rewards to assist you to survive during  the next level. The theme is that of a classic arcade adventure and its betting  is uncomplicated. The top Jackpot payout is 110,000 coins and if you decided to play the maximum bet you potentially could win as much as $220 000!

You will also be able to receive extra features such as extra lives, health boosters, increase your damage capability and even new shields to protect you for longer. There furthermore are  additional weapons to help you in your mission. This includes a missile, laser, wormhole, nuke and block. Not only will these help you in the game, but you can also receive up to 40,000 coins as a result. As you play, some ships you destroy can pay up to 10,000 coins at random, which adds to the challenge and excitement. Defeat the bosses on levels 3, 6 or 9 to stand a chance of winning the a 110,000 coin jackpot.

Get ready for an amazingly fun arcade game from Microgaming, the game has many unexpected features that will stand to amaze you while you collect the coins on each level. The game is very easy to play and offers unbelievable Jackpots.

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