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Joker 8000


Overall impression

Graphics - 88%
Gameplay - 88%
Bonuses - 86%
Value - 88%

Joker 8000 is a great online classic slot that really brings you back in time!

Game Information
Name: Joker 8000
Software: Microgaming
Game Type: Classic slot
Paylines: 5
Progressive: No
reels: 3
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Mystery Prize
Fast wheel spin

Where to play?

$1000 Bonus
100 RealSpins
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Joker 8000 is a 3 reel, 5-payline slot that is a classic in its overall design and is created by Microgaming. The slot is an exact replica of the original first slots you found in casinos which excited you with bright lights flickering calling you closer and with classic sounds, it takes you back to a time that is familiar as you entered any casino.

Joker 8000 has a popular retro online look and the history of this slot is that it kept the look of a classic, which was welcomed in pubs all over the country. Once the internet arrived, a huge demand came to re-create that feeling and this is where it becomes a real asset.

A classic in all its beauty

Joker 8000 offers the well-known symbols of the gold crown with red insert, black and white bar symbol, watermelon cut in half, yellow lemons and the two cherries. These symbols have stayed with us and even today and there are still a variety of slots offering these trusted symbols for great play.

The slot also offers a wide range of other high paying symbols when you have all 5 paylines activated with 10 coins per spin. You will receive 8,000 coins for 3 joker symbols on any line, on 4 paylines with 8 coins the same symbols will reward you with 2,000 coins, with 3 paylines and 6 coins the joker will reward you with a jackpot of 1,500 coins, with 2 lines active and 4 coins per spin you will receive 1,000 coins for 3 jokers and finally with 1 active line and 2 coins you will receive 500 coins when 3 jokers appear on the payline.

Apart from the joker jackpot symbols you will also see other symbols with jackpot amounts of their own. These symbols include The gold crown that will reward you with 100 coins when 3 appear on any active line, the classic bar symbol will reward you with 80 coins when 3 appear on a line, the watermelon will reward you with 50 coins when 3 appear on a line, the lemon will reward you with 30 coins for 3 on an active line and finally 3 cherries will reward you with 20 coins.

Joker 8000 also has a gamble feature which can be played or passed on by pressing the collect button. Should you decide to play the gamble option, you will need to guess whether the flashing light will stop on the red or black card. You can also set aside a portion of your winnings which can either be collected or played if you lose your first gamble round.

The game is based on a proper classic slot with 5 paylines and is very smooth and easy to play. The massive payouts, great theme and incredible gamble feature are what really make this game worth a try. To be honest that’s all you will need to have the time of your life playing this game.

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