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When playing slots it is important to know the different types of games. The most common are regular and progressive with each offering its own jackpot, which will differ based on the category of game it falls under. A regular jackpot is one that is defined as the highest paying combination a slot has listed under its paytable, while with a progressive game, it refers to not only the highest paying combination but also the progressive prize.

One that is based on symbols will be won by obtaining a certain combination of symbols on a payline. This could be any line or one that is specific to that amount being won. It may seem that these type of games may not appear to be as profitable as progressive slots, the fact is they often they will pay out a higher percentage due to the fact that you are not contributing towards the jackpot. The reality with a standard machine is that whatever the largest prize amount is, it will not change.

The odds are also improved when playing a non-progressive slot. It is often smarter to play those with less paylines and fewer winning combinations on their paytable as it improves the odds for those combinations to fall in place. Once the number of reels and payline increase, often the number of symbols offering winning combinations will also increase. The result means that larger wins are harder to land on and therefore you odds are reduced, even though the payout percentage has not changed.

However, while that above is true, playing progressives, especially with today’s games, offer incredible opportunities at winning a large amount of money. It used to be that you had to be willing to risk your bankroll playing such a game with the understanding that unless you won its jackpot, that you would not win a great deal. That has changed substantially as most progressive slots now fall under the video slot category and include the same features one would normally see but include the ability to win a minimum of one progressive win, if not more.

Progressive Slot Machines

A progressive  slot is one where each wager placed on it will contribute to increasing its size. This will continue to grow until it has been won and can be triggered by a certain number of symbols or at random, meaning that it can be triggered at any time.

These slots can be standalone or be part of a network. A standalone jackpot is one that is won only on that machine, therefore its size grows at a slower pace whereas a network slot is one that has thousands of players contributing to its jackpot and therefore grows at a faster rate.

The Variety is Endless

There are two types you can play. The first is one that will have a specific amount that must be wagered in order to play it. These are the most common and can range from as low as $0.05 per spin and increase from there but generally will not exceed $5 per spin. There is some advantages to these machines as the jackpots tend to increase at a faster rate.

The other type is one that allows for a range of wagers and is a newer trend. It allows all who play it an equal opportunity at winning versus only those with larger budgets who can afford to place higher wagers. These games can offer amounts that reach millions of dollars and are won often online due to the volume of people accessing those games.

How to Play Progressive Slots

Playing a game of this nature is no different to that of any other game. The only thing you need to understand is what type of machine it is and then decide on the amount of your wager. As a rule, you should never play less than the maximum number of lines that is offers. Depending on the type of game, it could mean winning the jackpot but not being awarded the win. Also, you need to determine if the game requires a max bet in order to win, if that is the case, then only play it if your bankroll justifies the risk.

After determining the above you need only to select your wager and spin the reels. This can include the option of wagering more than one coin and allow for multiple coin denominations that can be wagered.



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