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Bonuses area big part of gambling online. They can be confusing for newcomers but with some explanation can be exciting when you deposit and play online. Therefore we have put together a list of the different kinds of bonuses you will discover online and summarized what each means, how they are an advantage to you and how you claim them.

No Deposit Match

No deposit bonuses are free money offers that allow you to try real money games at casinos that have such a promotion in place. They are a great way to begin your adventure into online gambling as you have zero risk due to the money your using is free. If you are someone who enjoys gambling, but is unsure how it works online, then no deposit bonuses are perfect for you. It permits you to try any brands we have listed and have a trial run before using your own funds.

We have a large number of no deposit bonuses that you can claim and enjoy. This is our gift to you and all that is needed is for you to click on any offers you see here, register at the casino and then accept your bonus. If you happen to win, you are free to withdraw those winnings as well and use at your discretion.

Benefits to Depositing

A match bonus is the most common of those you will find when looking at promotions. These are simple to claim and easy to understand as they relate to your deposit and in particular, the size of that deposit. You will be presented with a match bonus once you have become a regular depositing player and these will be awarded as a reward for your loyalty.

Generally, the size will range in value between 25% and 100%. Most bonuses of this nature will have a minimum amount that must deposited as well as a maximum amount. All bonuses will be include certain conditions, the most common of those are “wagering conditions”. This relates to the amount that must be wagered prior to the request, or the ability, to withdraw winnings. Once those conditions have been met, you are free to withdraw when you wish. Claiming is done instantly and automatically upon making a successful deposit.

Free Play

Free play bonuses are somewhat of a new trend that emerged several years ago. They are similar to a no deposit bonus, but instead of the amount being small, they will be hundreds of dollars in size and given in the form of a free play bonus. You are free to play any of the designated games and should you be successful and win, then those winnings are yours to keep.

As with all bonuses, these too will have conditions and often will require you to make a good faith minimal deposit, often this is $20. Also, there will be a maximum in winnings that can be claimed once depositing, with that generally not exceeding $100. The point of a bonus of this kind is to give you adequate exposure to the games and allow you to determine if they are what you are looking for.

Exclusive Promotions

Exclusive Bonuses are found at particular websites like ours. We work diligently to negotiate special bonuses with casinos that we know to be of the utmost in professionalism and which have proven track records of safety, have obtained proper licensing through recognized licensing bodies and who have the understanding of what it means to respect you as a player.

Any bonuses we have that are exclusive to CasinoMoose.com will be higher than what you would receive at other sites or the casinos themselves. They have great value and will provide you with multiple benefits.

Monthly Benefits

As you regularly deposit, you will, depending on where you are depositing, be eligible for a monthly bonus. This will be based on the amount you have deposited during the previous month and will be over and above any other bonuses you have received as a result of your deposit. Generally speaking, they will be valued at 10-25% and may or may not have a maximum ceiling with their value. Some programs will remove eligibility should you have withdrawn more in a given month than you deposited.

These are particularly valuable for those months where you wings were not favorable. It allows you free cash to use as you see fit without game restrictions unless otherwise stated.



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